New Construction Homes


When building your home, every selection and wall should be placed in a manner in which will illistrate the owner and the life of the owner. When you buy someone elses home, you always have this space that doesn't quite work for you, so you have to adjust or accomidate yourself to that space. What if you could level the playing field and have your house constructed per your requirements, rather than adapting to current features.

Here are the steps to expect when building your home:

A- The Plan: Whether you want to buy an internet mass produced plan, or have one of the architects we work with design a custom plan for you, or alter a plan you have in mind. We can help you with the selection of your plan and any adjustments you would like to make or concerns with the flow/ characteristics of the plan. This will be one of the most fundamental parts of the entire construction process due to the fact that everything else is going to rely on the space given, and the layout of your home.

B: The Lot: The lot you select can have many impacts on the construction of the home. Some lots give you the perfect potential for a basement, some lots have bad soil, and could have a substantial impact on your construction cost from a structural standpoint to requiring a special septic system in order to build on the lot determined on whether or not the lot will perk. Some neighborhoods have covenants restricting certain square footages or exterior features of the home, and some have HOA's that will try to oversee every choice that you will make to your home from here on out. So picking a lot can be as essential as picking the house plan!

C: Fixtures and Selections: This is one of the most attractive parts of building your own home, or renovating your home. Everyone wants to design their dream kitchen and bathroom. And you can! This will be one of the key areas in the logistics and construction of your home. We will have to get all of the selections determined ahead of time, and ordered for the schedule to come together, as well as have a good sense of the items from the beginning in order to create a budget. Most projects go over budget due to this part of construction.

D: Acquire Financing or Building Funds: This can be difficult, but we have worked with lenders many times, and will do our best to help you through this process. Hopefully there is already something in the works before step A, but at this point we should have construction specifications prepared, a proposed budget, and ready to secure the loan and move on to construction.

E: After the funds for the project are secured, we will begin the permit process, which will take 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the location of the home. Once permitting has been approved, then we break ground and start building. The building process will generally take 3-8 Months depending on the size of the home, the features, and the selections.

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